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1.) Tatsu Enkou in drunk fuzzy (probably when Tatsu was 17, she was 21, and it was to celebrate one of the successful battle against the emperor, and the fruitful collaboration of the Dragon and the Monkey Clan. XD
Sometimes I REALLY wanna do their story, how they met, and how they grew fond of eachother after the first aversion, haha. I probably will eventually. But I want to start it with the actual official comic.

2.) Minako’s father and mother. Her father is one of teh Dog Taishu (governor) of the 8. He stands for Faith amongst the virtues. More about it later. ^^

3.) The 8 Dog Taishu, protectors of the 8 virtue. (It was inspired by Okami, haha. But I read after it and it was a novel called Hakkenden in the 18th century, and the 8 virtue is actually the 8 Confucian ones. But translating it is a bit tricky for I checked the original Confucians in Chinese, the Hakkenden one and also compared it to the Okami version… and I decided to have my own, little altered one. XP)
Still struggling with 2 of the characters there and I need them soon in the story.. Well I’ll will figure by the time I get there, still have time until that point. ^^

4.) Shiran Kyoudai (special dog squed) leader talking to Kikka.

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Traditional Commission by PagodaComics on deviantART

Commissions are open until I reach 500$ because I badly need a tablet to replace the broken one (don’t worry, I’ll have another round soon cause I need a proper computer as well XD; )

You can contact me here (but I prefer e-mails because tumblr often eats messages), or through DA and e-mail, of course. =)

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An old promise, commission for  Asahina Yukiko & Daidoji Yori are her Ring of the 5 Elements characters.Tools: Kuretake calligraphy brush (mannen mouhitsu), and Kuretake sign pen

An old promise, commission for :icongustyfoxy: =)
Asahina Yukiko & Daidoji Yori are her Ring of the 5 Elements characters.

Tools: Kuretake calligraphy brush (mannen mouhitsu), and Kuretake sign pen

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Commission wips. Will be linearts

1.) Yukimi & Yori, characters by Gustyfoxy. Just adjusted a bit, exchanged his bow for a spear (yumi for yari XP)

2.-3.) Cover for MDK II for their pretty cool novel. =)
(It’s probably will be #3 but also adjust the composition some more.)

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The first 2 and the last one are taishu (governon) in the Rat Clan. The 3rd is Hebimori, daimyou of the Snake Clan.

My plan is to draw all the taishu of each clan and put them together in a post. But I’m rather chaotic about it, i drew some from each clans, I need to make it a bit more controlled. XD;

I’ll try to finish the Rat now. Only 3 missing from the 9 (so cloooose). But the Goat is better because I have 2 missing from the 4. Maybe I should go with them then. XD;

I have one Dog out of 8, 1 of 5 from Snake, 1 of 7 from Horse and 1 of 3 from Ox. The rest I drew are side characters, haha. ^^’


Also now I’m tabetless so no digital arts. I will have to make emergency commissions to get the extra money I need. I’ll announce it as soon as I create some time to be able to actually work on them. XD;

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Anonymous asked: Sorry to hear that you are sick and that its hard for you to use computer or draw. Please get well soon and hope to see more of your art, they're very motivating!

Awww, thank you for the well wishes! Actually I AM doing better finally and I already scanned some images I did meanwhile, probably will post them today. ^^
I’m just busy with my son’s school now as an extra so barely have time to sleep even, hehe. But I’m going to solve that one, ^^

Also I appreciate a lot your feedback on my art, and especially happy that you find it even motivating! X3

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Around thirty you start to realize that life’s too short for decisions you did not make. For moves you did not take just because you were too affraid. So get going before it is too late!

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Asahina(?) Yukiko & Daichi Yori cleaned up sketchLegend of the Five Ring OCs of Gustyfoxy
I liked the bg (originally I wanted to add some blossom but that’s, but not sure if it goes well with the characters and the story, waiting for feedback.

Asahina(?) Yukiko & Daichi Yori cleaned up sketch
Legend of the Five Ring OCs of Gustyfoxy

I liked the bg (originally I wanted to add some blossom but that’s, but not sure if it goes well with the characters and the story, waiting for feedback.

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1.) Kikka (15) with Airi (6)
I kinda screwed up though since Kikka isn’t supposed to have this big belly just yet, only after 17. Also Airi is probably too tiny, lolz
But yeah Airi was always fond of her big brothers and kept clinging on them. Kikka has been always his fav (probably because Kikka had to babysit him most of the times, being the youngest XD; )

2.) Kintarou (17) & Ichirou (20), their older brothers. It is one pict actually but until i figure a bg I just split it up, it looks better this way.

I’m testing different papers now to see which one to use with brush marker for my next comic. =)

I started this pict some weeks ago (same day when ycomputer broke down) and go on with it now. Ironically in both cases I was disabled from spending time with the computer: back then because I had none, now because I am sick and it makes my head ache.

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It’s an old one but when I last time wanted to post tumblr crashed on me. Did when my computer died like 2 weeks ago. I was tired and I just wanted colours but didn’T wanna thiiiink. So I just doddled with markers. No planning, no pencil sketch, just markers.

1.) Fuki meets her baku companion

2.) Young Kuroneko chatting with Matsu

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