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  1. Idzutsuya Kazan (14)
  2. Sakano Nezumi (76)
  3. Tsutano Nageki (62)
  4. Murakata Senta (41) - Honour
  5. Sakajiri Genichi (69) - Wisdom
  6. Tsukahara Momota (32) - Courage
  7. Tabuse Yuudai (36) - Brotherhood

So I finally finished all the Dog taishu and the Rat taishu, too. Dog taishu was more important because they will show up fairly early in the story probably (though I may have to rethink the order). the Rat taishu will have role later only.

A little update on what I am doing… I had about a week without net, I’ve been tired and sleepy, and just very very busy. Didn’t get much done. These pictures are fast ones I’m doing on metro and in short minutes of work-breaks. I’m back on finishing the commissions and also to finish the sketches of the comic I started, it must be done by the end of the month so I can start to ink it in November.

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Commission - CLOSED

Hello, here is a little update.
So as you can see I’m being slow (incredibly so, uh) with the work. I had to admit to myself that I just don’t have time for commissions anymore. Not with my fulltime job, my daily life AND my stories on top of that.

So for uncertain time it will be closed again and I will have to find other ways to get extra support (more about that later). I’m a bit upset about it because it’s always exciting to go with all the fun requests (this time wasn’t an exception either, LOVE the tasks I was given :hug:)
I will finish the ones I already accepted, luckily when they will be all paid, I will be very close to the 500$ goal but can’t stretch myself further no matter what. =(
Luckily my tablet issue got solved meanwhile and hopefully my laptop issues will be soon as well *crosses fingers*. This money will go to put back the money where I took it from, hehe.

Thank you for being so patient with me, I’m terribly sorry for the delay.

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Earlier updtae, lolz. I stopped procastinating on the scan.

But the brush marker run out of ink, gotta buy new cartridge, but it’s only open in my worktime is I dunno when I will have a new one.

1.) Kuroneko at his castle (probably Jishin). just a random study from a photot and I added some cas, hehe

2.) inuyama Kikka , his province stands for loyalty

3.) Inukai Nobuki (Minako’s father), his province stands for Faith

4.) Inuyama Yuuna (step sister of Kikka)

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are you ever so involved in your own little world you actually forget most people are actually offended by things like nudity and certain clothes and body types and sexual orientations



I tend to forget that some people ARE offended by nudity, sexual themes, gender related stuff (be it hetero, homo, bi or just WHATEVER), stuff or even cultural things… And when I realize some of it I just decide to forget it again immediately, lolz. No point in trying to not-offend anybody. It’s impossible. o__o

So sorry if I ever offended you in any way, I most likely didn’t mean to, I’m a nice person most of the times. XD
I just simply don’t understand majority of those things that makes people butthurt (like naked human body). XP;

P.S.: I’m busy with a project currently, still working on commissions and the few things I drew I was lazy to scan yet. Some update will come around next weekend though…

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1.) Tatsu Enkou in drunk fuzzy (probably when Tatsu was 17, she was 21, and it was to celebrate one of the successful battle against the emperor, and the fruitful collaboration of the Dragon and the Monkey Clan. XD
Sometimes I REALLY wanna do their story, how they met, and how they grew fond of eachother after the first aversion, haha. I probably will eventually. But I want to start it with the actual official comic.

2.) Minako’s father and mother. Her father is one of teh Dog Taishu (governor) of the 8. He stands for Faith amongst the virtues. More about it later. ^^

3.) The 8 Dog Taishu, protectors of the 8 virtue. (It was inspired by Okami, haha. But I read after it and it was a novel called Hakkenden in the 18th century, and the 8 virtue is actually the 8 Confucian ones. But translating it is a bit tricky for I checked the original Confucians in Chinese, the Hakkenden one and also compared it to the Okami version… and I decided to have my own, little altered one. XP)
Still struggling with 2 of the characters there and I need them soon in the story.. Well I’ll will figure by the time I get there, still have time until that point. ^^

4.) Shiran Kyoudai (special dog squed) leader talking to Kikka.

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Traditional Commission by PagodaComics on deviantART

Commissions are open until I reach 500$ because I badly need a tablet to replace the broken one (don’t worry, I’ll have another round soon cause I need a proper computer as well XD; )

You can contact me here (but I prefer e-mails because tumblr often eats messages), or through DA and e-mail, of course. =)

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An old promise, commission for  Asahina Yukiko & Daidoji Yori are her Ring of the 5 Elements characters.Tools: Kuretake calligraphy brush (mannen mouhitsu), and Kuretake sign pen

An old promise, commission for :icongustyfoxy: =)
Asahina Yukiko & Daidoji Yori are her Ring of the 5 Elements characters.

Tools: Kuretake calligraphy brush (mannen mouhitsu), and Kuretake sign pen

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Commission wips. Will be linearts

1.) Yukimi & Yori, characters by Gustyfoxy. Just adjusted a bit, exchanged his bow for a spear (yumi for yari XP)

2.-3.) Cover for MDK II for their pretty cool novel. =)
(It’s probably will be #3 but also adjust the composition some more.)

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